Mystery of Chinese Submarines In India Ocean Solved!

You hear time and again Chinese submarines are trolling Indian waters. Dragon’s SSBNs cruising Andaman sea. PLA Navy birthing their subs at ports in Indian ocean. But, do you know why China send his submarines in Indian Ocean? What’s the mystery behind presence of Chinese subs in India Ocean? Well, now the intrigue behind Chinese submarines is solved! Now, mystery is unraveled! and Problem is solved! In this video you will see how India got an answer to Chinese submarines in Indian Ocean Region.

It all began in 2013 when INS Vikramaditya first time sailed from Russia to India after the commissioning  of aircraft carrier at Severodvinsk in Russia.  After commissioning, the carrier on 27 November 2013 began a continuous 26-day journey of 10,212 nautical miles from Severodvinsk to its home-port at INS Kadamba in Karwar. The stopover was in Lisbon…. Watch to know more. 

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