Mystery of Missing US Soldier Vanessa Guillen Deepens

Shailesh Kumar, National Defence
New Delhi, 06 May 2020

A 20 year old female soldier is gone missing without a trace from US Army base in Fort Hood, Texas. 20 year-old Private First Class rank soldier Vanessa Guillen was last seen at the U S Army military base in Fort Hood, Texas on April 20th 2020. PFC Guillen was with the 3rd Calvary Regiment at the Regimental Squadron Headquarters at Ft. Hood. Vanessa was last seen wearing a black shirt, light purple leggings and black Nike tennis shoes. US Army CID is investigating the Venessa Guillen Case. A fortnight has gone by but there is no clue where this soldier vanished in thin air. But what is most shocking that another soldier from same Fort Hood Military Base disappeared 9 months back without a trace. Watch full story at:

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