Naik Nursing Assistant Ram Bhagat Alleges Discrimination As Pain of Whole Indian Army

NationalDefence Bureau,
New Delhi, 14 January 2017
Adding fresh ammunition to the viral complaint videos surfaced one after another, first from BSF, followed by CRPF and Indian Army, now another Indian Army jawan, Naik Nursing Assistant Ram Bhagat comes up with his video messages endorsing the charges of corruption and discrimination lebelled by other jawans in last few days. The video which is viral on social media, the presenter identifies himself as Naik Nursing Asssistant Ram Bhagat from 408 field hospital in Batalik, J&K. In the video, shot in response to BSF jawan Tej Pratap Yadav’s charges, Naik Ram Bhagat is heard saying “it is not just his pain. It is the pain of the whole Army”. Naik Ram Bhagat endorses the allegations in the same breadth as lebelled by BSF Jawan Tej Pratap Yadav as the same is happening not only in BSF but also in the Indian Army. However, Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat defended the charges and justified the Buddy (Sahayak) system in Indian Army as necessity in a two hour long press conference yesterday. 
Here are transcript excerpts from the video: 

“We can somehow manage with the food but a lot of wrong happening. Jawans are not given vehicle to drop from the unit when they proceed for leave. On the contrary, a lieutenant, major and seniors are not only given a car but also a buddy to lift luggage for pick and drop. Why is this discrimination with Jawans, asks Naik Ram Bhagat.
We are allowed about a litre of milk which can only be used for tea. And the milk is adulterated with 75% water. So where does that remaining milk go, asks Ram Bhagat.
We are being given upto 40 per cent of the menu allotted to us. Don’t know where the rest of the rations goes to? This not only me but every jawan of the Army wants to express but where to speak, no one knows. Many wants to speak but they are not able to speak.
When a jawan is being transferred and shifts his family then he is not being given fellow jawans to help whereas an officer either a lieutenant or any officer is being given. Why? Because he is an officer! He is not a jawan. Why is this so? Questions Ram Bhagat.
More than half of the Army is involved only in dog walking and that too of the officers. You can see during peace, in Chandigarh or Delhi wherever the army is, more than half of the army vehicles, gypsies are on the run for the families of officers not the jawans. Their families if going to beauty parlour are being given cars. And a jawan if going on emergency leave is not given a vehicle. Why is it so?
You can take more money as mess cut but at least provide good food so he can do high night duty fully well.
Whatever the BSF jawan has spoken is absolutely right. I want that the video which I am giving should reach Indian Government, PM Narendra Modi, Rajnath Singh Ji, our Home Minister, our Defence Minister Parrikar Saheb. Even media and every jawan should get this video.. This is not just my pain. It is the pain of whole Army. So I want that my fellow jawans should share this as far as possible.
I have an apprehension that whatever the enquiry take place in BSF Jawan’s case will be made to go against him only, I have intuition. I want that something wrong should not happen with this fellow. I fear that he will be given unfair treatment. I am with him at all places, all the time.  I will extend full support.
I request fellow countryman to share the video as much as possible. Jai Hind, Jai Bharat. It may be possible I meet you again soon with a new video.  
Indian Army version on the story is yet not included. 

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