Navy Year Book 2017: “The Modern And Future Indian Navy”: Cmde (R) Ranjit B Rai Interview

Commodore Ranjit Rai I want to understand from you that Indian Navy is celebrating Navy Day on 04 December, I want to understand what are the capabilities of Indian Navy, by which Indian Navy can be truly designated as Net Security Provider in Indian Ocean Region, specially when you have written a book.

What is 4thDecember? It is in 1971 after Navy did not take part in 1965 war that Navy was given a chance and on 4th Dec 1971 the Indian Navy killer boats went off Karachi in the opening well of the war and sank 3 ships and damage 1 completely broke the morale of Pakistanis and all boats came back safely, operation Trident.  From that day the capability of Indian Navy has risen as per the small budget that they got but the Indian Navy’s importance is that they have started making ships in India so today they have a fleet which has got 13 old submarines, a nuclear submarine, powerful 7 destroyers, frigates, mine sweepers, landing ships and almost every other small craft. Therefore to provide maritime domain awareness and net security provider in Indian Ocean, they have got the technology with G Sat7 and Indian Maritime Analysis Centre (IMAC) where you can know what is going on with the coastal stations and internet whatever is in Indian Ocean going to Malacca strait or or going to Homruz, which are called choke points and in 2004 Tsunami, Indian Navy sent 32 ships to our neighboring countries and Andamans, Chennai so therefore the capability of the Indian Navy though not as big as the Chinese Navy is on the rise. And that is the book, I have tried to project to give every ship and every unit in Indian Navy, Army and Airforce can come to know what you have asked, what are the ships in Indian Navy; and what is their capability?  Watch the full interview. Click here

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