Paratrooper Abdul Qayum Scout & Sniper In PoK Surgical Strikes Awarded Shaurya Chakra With 3 Others

NationalDefence Bureau,
New Delhi, 07 April 2017
President of India, Pranab Mukherjee, awarded Shaurya Chakra to 4 Indian Army soldiers including 2 majors, 1 captain and 1 paratrooper here in a ceremony at Rashtrapati Bhawan in New Delhi on 6 March. 
Paratrooper Abdul Qayum was Scout and Sniper during operation against terrorist’s hideout in Jammu and Kashmir. 
During the operation, Paratrooper Abdul Qayum as a Scout, led the troop. Having safely led the Party close to the hideout, he engaged the sentry through the bunker loophole initiating the strike on the terrorist’s hideout. Unfazed by the heavy retaliatory fire directed towards him, he along with his buddy ensuring success of the daring assault. He then assumed his role as scout leading a safe return of the party. 
Paratroopers Abdul Qayum displayed raw courage under fire, exemplary devotion to duty, determination and act of gallantry while ensuring destruction of terrorist’s hideout, inflicting heavy casualties to terrorists and preventing own casualties.  
President of India, Pranab Mukherjee recently had awarded Major Rohit Suri with Kirti Chakra and Naib Subedar Vijay Kumar with Shaurya Chakra on 20 March for the brave act displayed during 29 September surgical strikes in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) 
Major Rajat Chandra was tasked to undertake close surveillance of the terrorist’s hideout in Jammu and Kashmir. The information gained by his squad proved decision in planning and effective destruction of the terrorist’s hideout.
Subsequently, the officer led the assault group which was tasked to destroy the heavily fortified hideout. Diplaying nerves of steel and indomitable spirit, he closed in 75 meter of the terrorist’s hideout and destroyed it thereby killing two terrorists During the action his squad came under effective automatic fire from automatic weapons located nearby. Sensing danger to his squad, he immediately changed his position by crawling under terrorist’s fire and closed onto the terrorist’s position and eliminated one more terrorist silencing the automatic weapon. 
Major Rajat Chandra exhibited inspirational combat leadership, raw courage, dogged determination and selfless devotion to duty in the service of the nation.
Major Deepak Kumar Upadhyay was leader of the group which executed an impeccable operation against the terrorists hideout in Jammu and Kashmir. 
Having sited the Support Group, Major Deepak Kumar Upadhyay led an assault party for a daring assault on the terrorist hideout. Despite heavy retaliation by terrorirts, he continued engaging them while motivating his troops to destroy the hideout. Inspired by his conspicuous gallantry, grit and raw aggression, his men des, despite being outnumbered, attacked the terrorists with renewed aggression, stunning them into a state of psychological paralysis. Having successfully accomplished the mission, he ensured a swift disengagement for his troops. 

Major Deepak Kumar Upadhyay displayed awe inspiring courage, leadership, decisiveness and act of gallantry under fire while ensuring destruction of a terrorist hideout and inflicting heavy casualities to the terrorists, without any casualities to his troops.
Captain Ashutosh Kumar was part of the sub squad, which was tasked to chose into the terrorist’s hideout in Jammu and Kashmir and carry out the assault He sneaked in close to the hideout using cover of darkness and folds of ground and positioned hiself in a concealed location.
He brough down accurate fire and neutralized two terrorists. After the initial firefight his squad repositioned to cover the track leading to the village from the hideout. He kept a close watch on the target to prevent any terrorist escape and reinforcement in/ out of the area. During  the ongoing firefight, he saw two terrorists escaping from the target. He directed his buddy to bring down accurate grenade launcher fire on their escape route following him to intercept and neutralize both the terrorists at close quarter. 
With his decisive thinking, astute resolve and courage beyond call of duty, the officer eliminated four terrorists and ensured no terrorist escaped from the hideout location. Captain Ashutosh Kumar displayed audacity in face of fire, indomitable resolve, dauntless courage and extraordinary valour.

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