Russia Unveils Its FGFA Pak Fa T-50 In Honour of Russian Aerospace Force Day

NationalDefence Bureau,
New Delhi, 17 August 2016
On the eve of Russian Aerospace Force Day, the Russian Ministry of Defense has released first official footage of the fifth-generation stealth aircraft, the FGFA PAK FA Sukhoi T-50.
The Russian government unveiled the montage of its prized stealth fighters launching from an aircraft carrier’s ski-jump ramp, along with several other aircraft, such as the MiG-29KUB naval fighter and the Su-35S.
Although the T-50s only appear for a few brief seconds of the video, that’s enough time to make out the the two different camouflage patterns of the first new fighters produced after the Cold War.
However, despite the fancy paint job and Russia touting the T-50, critics have responded with skepticism, as several of its features may fall short of achieving the prized moniker of “fifth-generation aircraft.”
Here’s what the T-50 looks like in action: Video URL:

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