Should India Revive The Spirit of Genghis Khan China Fears Most?

How relevant is Genghis Khan – Asia’s biggest hero of the last millennium, who rose from the wind-swept Inner Asian steppes to create the world’s largest ever empire in history. He had ruthlessly seized swathes of land about 12 million square miles from Korea to Poland by routing empire after empire. It is said that Genghis Khan’s army reduced China’s population by half. His army swept through Eurasia, erased the Khwarazm Empire, and annihilated over 40 million people on the way. They also wiped out three-fourths of modern-day Iran’s population. Their conquest of Baghdad, Syria and Egypt was considered the most catastrophic event in Islamic history. Genghis Khan did not even spare the Slavic and European world. His army hit hard on the ancient centres of Russian civilization; went further to subjugate today’s Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, and Poland. By the time Genghis Khan died in 1227, the Mongol Empire was twice the size of the Roman Empire and Muslim Caliphate and four times the size of Alexander the Great’s… Watch Full Story.

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