Sindhu Sudarshan: Behind The Enemy Lines | Documentary | HD

Indian Army tests newly devised “Integrated Battle Groups” or IBG in a massive war game code named “Sindhu Sudarshan-VII” currently undergoing in the Thar desert of Rajasthan. The military exercise by Army’s Sudarshan Chakra Corps, which is also known as 21 Corps or Strike Corps employs 40,000 troops, 700 X ‘Armoured’or ‘A’Vehicles, 300 X Guns in day night and air land battle exercise. The exercise is to test the battle readiness and network centric warfare capabilities of Indian Army with air support from Indian Air Force. National Defence’s editor Shailesh Kumar has witnessed the exercise in Barmer sector near Pakistan border. Watch this exclusive coverage in documentary titled as Sindhu Sudarshan: Behind The Enemy Lines at video url:


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