Swedish SAAB Enters Into Aerospace & Defence Partnership With Adani Group

Saab's Gripen E
Swiss Pilots flies Gripen Test Aircraft in Sweden (file photo)

Swedish Defence Major SAAB Enters In Cooperation with India’s Adani Group to bid for Single Engine Fighter Jet deal

Both partners with Gripen E fighter will compete with U.S. fighter manufacturer Lockheed Martin with F-16. If Government of India will allow, the fighter may also be exported.

Shailesh Kumar,
National Defence, New Delhi, 01 September 2017
Swedish Aerospace and Defence company and Single Engine Fighter Aircraft Manufacturer SAAB enters into Aerospace and Defence partnership with India’s leading business house ADANI GROUP. Both partners in collaboration will produce Gripen E under PM Modi’s “Make In India” program, if selected in the bid. “I am delighted on this opportunity to announce our collaboration with SAAB on Aerospace and defence including Gripen in India”, said Gautam Adani in New Delhi. “Our plans together is to create new defence ecosystem that will also involve other partners and vendors and suppliers”, said SAAB’s President and CEO Hakan Bushke while announcing the collaboration.

Speaking to the National Defence Editor  Shailesh Kumar on the sidelines of the Press Conference organised for the big announcement, Ashish Rajvanshi, Head, Defence and Aerospace, Adani Group said, “The Partnership or the collaboration is actually a lot more focus on the wider defence and aerospace ecosystem in India. We don’t want to restrict ourselves to a specific project but working as true partner we want to see how we can take country’s defence ecosystem to the next level”.

“There has been a requirement and there has been a discussion on how India can become self reliant in defence technologies. How India can bring the true technology from outside into the country and develop these jobs for the youths of tomorrow” “So, we have prioritised couple of platforms of which we are working with SAAB on the other we are working with other OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) partners in the country. The nature of partnership with SAAB is on fighter aircraft, and we are going strictly adopt the SP process, which has been defined as part of DPP. And if both SAAB and SR been selected then the intent is to pursue that product in India” Ashish added.

This is the first ever entry of Adani Group in Defence and Aerospace sector. “We take pride in saying that India is the fastest growing economy in the world and is on course to be the world’s thirst largest economy by 2030. However, we need to have for the similar reason  to become self reliant in defence and security and equip our armed forces with the best in the world by 2030”.

“Saab will utilise research and development on Gripen in India for other markets and for other aviation and defence sectors and will build a full supply chain in India for Gripen, SAAB’s President and CEO Hakan Bushke said.

India is yet to formally announce RFP and terms for the procurement of single engine fighter jet. Reportedly India through its embassies has asked concern OEMs about their single engine fighters. India recently has bought 36 Rafale four plus generation fighter jets. According to new DPP, for such crucial projects, Strategic Partnership (SP) is a must. Recently F-16 manufacturer Lockheed Martin also entered in Strategic Partnership with TATAs. The race for single engine fighter jet is much contested and becomes more competitive.

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