Update on Cdr Abhilash Tommy

SITREP received from JRCC Australia.

National Defence Bureau,
New Delhi, 22 September 2018
Cdr Tomy is in communication with the Race Control at France through messages. Race control is relaying messages to JRCC Australia. He has requested for stretcher as he is not able to move on his own. Another contestant SV Hanley Energy Endurance, although suffered damages herself, is heading towards SV Thuriya. ETA not known. Australian Fisheries vessel Osiris is heading towards location. ETA PM 24. Osiris has a Medical Officer and one bed infirmery on-board. A Royal Australian Navy Ship is likely to depart for location todate, with ETA after 4-5 days. A P8I aircraft also will be available from 23 Sep onwards. A civil aircraft is being tasked , to be in area by around 230230 UTC.

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