USA Got Scared By Russia’s Vostok- 2018? | Russia & China Put Up A Great Show!

National Defence Bureau,
New Delhi, 15 September 2018
United States of America (USA) Got Scared By Russia’s biggest war game Vostok- 2018? The visuals of the military exercise suggests so. Russia and China together certainly have power to scare world’s so far considered biggest military power. In this videa, you will watch exercise visuals in following order:
1. Operation to escort a detachment of ships of the Pacific Fleet within the framework of maneuvers
2. The work of operational-tactical aviation VVO on maneuvers
3. Large-scale shooting frames of the Uragan MLRS at the Tsugol training ground within the framework of maneuvers
4. Shooting of howitzer Msta-B and ACU Akatsiya within the limits of maneuvers
5. The doctrine of anti-submarine defense with the ships of the Northern Fleet during the maneuvers
6. Joint actions of motorized rifles and tankmen within the limits of maneuvers
7. Actions of military police units on maneuvers
8. This was the start of maneuvers

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