“We Are Working For The Permanent Resolution Of Kashmir Problem”: HM Rajnath Singh

Shailesh Kumar, National Defence,
New Delhi, 03 June 2017
Modi Government is working for “the permanent resolution of the Kashmir problem, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh said here while addressing the media on completion of three years of Modi Government. “We will find the permanent solution of Kashmir problem. This may take some time. As the problem which is lingering on since 1947, that can’t be solved in a snap or in just few months”.  “But whatever steps we are taking are leading towards permanent solution of Kashmir problem”, Rajnath Singh said.
“I want to add that we will remove every stone (hurdle) in the road to prosperity of Kashmir. Not only that, whatever resources nature has given, the skills which is been endowed to the youth of Kashmir by the God, we will use that in the development of Kashmir and the country”. “These hands are not being endowed by the God to throw stones”.
“Not only that how sensitive is our Government about J&K, you may see as soon as flood  situation emerged, our Prime Minister rushed to Kashmir. He celebrated his first Diwali in Kashmir also”.

“Some powers at the behest of Pakistan trying to mislead the youths (of Kashmir). The same Pakistan which could not hold back East Pakistan,  now Bangladesh; the same Pakistan which could not handle Balochistan, Khyber Pakthnkhwa, Sindh and even FATA”.

“What will that Pakistan do (for them)? In support of that Pak, what dream they want to realise is out of my understanding. I would like to say that who so ever power is doing this, doing it for personal gain. Whatsoever is being done by these powers is a treachery with the Kahmiri Youth. They can’t be allowed to play with the future of these youths”.

“I believe that we want the permanent solution of Kashmir taking in confidence the people of Kashmir”.

“We don’t want stones in the hands of the people of Kashmir. We want the skill of these people to be used in the development of Kashmir, in the development of the country, But some power are working to mislead these youths. These powers can not be allowed to play with the future of these youths and we will not allow them to succeed”.

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