Hindustan Shipyard Limited (HSL), Visakhapatnam Proves Innovation Saves Money & Man Hours

Shailesh Kumar, National Defence,
New Delhi, 31 May 2017
Real Admiral LV Sarat Babu, Chairman & Managing Director of Hindustan Shipyard Limited and his team is all smiling for their innovation that brought laurels when HSL won the Raksha Mantri Award for Excellence.
The innovative rudder carrier bearing modification saves not only crores of rupees but cut down precious man hours. Rudder carrier bearing of INS Kesari were to be replaced with modified bearings to overcome the ‘Rudder Drop’ defect.
This defect rectification required disconnection of rudder stock from tiller as well as from rudder blade for carrying out necessary machining works on stock for fitment of modified carrier bearing.
In order to avoid major hot works and extensive degutting of Electrical & Hydraulic Systems in the steering flat, it was decided to find an alternative methodology for disconnecting tiller from rudder stock.
Accordingly, special pullers were designed and manufactured to suit the limited and constrained work space available between tiller top and steering compartment deck head. Further strengthening was undertaken to with stand anticipated heavy load of about 700 tons.
Watch R Adm LV Sarat Babu narrating a success story of innovation in this exclusive interview at url:  https://youtu.be/nBHUCJjLbbo
Watch Arun Jaitley’s full address during Raksha Mantri Awards For Excellence 2014-15 and 2015-16 Presentation Ceremony at URL:  https://youtu.be/QPNFfAzxiFQ
Watch Raksha Mantri’s Award presentation ceremony at video url: https://youtu.be/FskGOYxi9_E
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