Jai Hind Ep- 2 | China ने बॉर्डर पर Indian Pipeline का काम रोका, लेकिन बनाई अपनी Hot Water Canal

National Defence Bureau,
New Delhi, 12 April2017
In this 2nd episode of Jai Hind on National Defence channel, you will watch 1) the story of martyr Lieutenant Colonel Paras Mehra belonging to 14 Mahar; 2) China restricting construction of Indian pipeline from hot spring to Demchok village in Ladakh while in contradiction building highly sophisticated underground hot water cemented canal; 3) Chinese Anti drone gun to combat menace of drones warfare; 4) Exclusive interview of Madeeha Gauhar, Pakistani actress, founder Ajoka theatre  and civil society activist, speaking on the role of religion and terror in the state policy of Pakistan.
Table of Content (JaiHind):
Show Opening and Headlines: 00:01 – 01:54
Story of Martyr Lt. Col. Paras Mehra: 01:55 –  12:00
China – India Hot Spring Pipeline Row: 12:01 – 20:00
Madeeha Gauhar Interview: 20:01 – 30:00
Quote of the Episode: 30:01 – 30:09
Closing Anchor: 30:10 – 30:57
Watch the 2nd episode of Jai Hind जयहिंद at url:  https://youtu.be/gtd6J_3BDTk
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