August 21, 2022

Army Day Parade 2022! Indian Soldiers In Full Action! Special Forces Seen Wearing New Army Uniform!

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Army Day Parade 2022_New Army_Combat_Uniform

Army Day Parade 2022_New Army_Combat_Uniform


Shailesh Kumar, National Defence
New Delhi, 15 January 2022
Indian Army unveiled new Army Uniform during Army Day Parade 2022 at Cariappa Parade Ground in Delhi Cantonment. A contingent of commandos of Parachute regiment (Special Forces), wearing the new uniforms, took part in the Army Day parade. The new dress is comfortable, climate friendly and features a digital disruptive pattern. The uniform, which features a mix of colours including olive and earthen, has been designed taking into considerations aspects like areas of deployment of the troops and climatic conditions in which they operate.

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