HAL CMD, R. Madhvan in conversation with ‘National Defence’ Editor, Shailesh Kumar
Key Points of the interview:
HAL was not in the offset business; so can’t say we lost out offset business.

HAL was in the partnership for ToT, which Government took decision that they don’t have to produce depending on their requirement

HAL has capability to produce Rafale as HAL is in this business for long time

HAL is the fourth largest helicopter manufacturer in the world and soon HAL will be third largest producer of Helicopters

When we say we are not in offset business, it doesn’t mean we don’t do any thing of the offset. Some parts of it we do.

Procurement of 110 aircrafts (MMRCA2) will be through Strategic Partnership (SP) route , which envisages that airforce will go and identify the OEM from them they want to buy and then OEM will select a SP from a list of SP partners of Indian Origin SP Partner (for MMRCA2) need not be HAL. It is a private party that they are looking at so if there is no private party , than HAL is always there.

Controversy that HAL loosing out job is media created. There is no such thing that we are loosing out jobs

HAL has enough orders. Till date we have orders worth Rs 64000 crores

With the 83 LCA order likely to come by middle of next year, that will give us another Rs 50000 crore orders so that makes 1 lakh 10000 Cr orders

We are also looking for LCH orders both from Army and Air Force. HAL is never short of orders

Not only that we have been instrumental in setting up private companies who are in this defence ecosystem

We have 2500 plus vendors who have started manufacturing basically from our products

We are hand holding them till they become mature to produce on their own and in LCA built major parts coming from the private parties in fully assembled form

Companies like L&T, DTL, Tata Advance Materials, VAM Technologies are foing the most of LCA Aircraft structure. HAL would like to be in design and final integration and product support after that. All other manufacturing activity, HAL would like to be done by the private sector

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