Air Force Chief ACM BS Dhanoa’s 85th Air Force Day 2017 Press Conference

Shailesh Kumar, National Defence
New Delhi, 05 October 2017
Indian Air Force Chief Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa in his annual press conference on the occasion of 85th Air Force Day says that IAF has the capability to locate, fix and strike across the border and that is true not only for tactical nuclear weapons but for other targets as well. But any decision is to be taken by the Government only.

He also told that the Indian Air Force had provided whatever was asked for during the surgical strike without detailing the exact role played by the Indian Air Force. Air Chief also said that India is prepared for two front war but the current geopolitical scenario does not corroborate with any such indicators.

He insisted that despite IAF running short of fighter jets, India can still fight war but the role may be limited. He explained that it may not be a full spectrum instead could possibly a defensive role in current situation.

He said that IAF has issued RFP for another 83 LCA over already ordered 40 LCAs. He said RFP for Single Engine Fighter Jets will be issued very shortly; And IAF is to get required 42 fighter squadron by 2032.

He also said that besides 36 Rafale, 5 Batteries of SAM missiles from Russia will add power to IAF. Speaking on Doklam issue, Air Chief expressed hope that China would withdraw all of its forces from Chumbi valley once their exercise gets over.

He boast of IAF’s strategic edge in Tibet in case of an air operation during a war scenario, where China faces lot of limitations.


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