Future Wars Will Be Fought In Difficult Terrain Under Very Difficult Circumstances: Army Chief Gen Bipin Rawat

Army Chief General Bipin Rawat says that the future wars will be fought in difficult terrain under very difficult circumstances. He urged Indian Defence Manufacturing Industry to come out with home grown solutions to Army’s battle requirements and do away with the dependence on the imports. Army Chief was addressing the industry, academia and officers from armed forces at Army Technology Seminar (ARTECH 2018) organized by the Society of Indian Defence Manufactures in collaboration with CII and Army Design Bureau (ADB). The focus on ARTECH 2018 is on High altitude warfare technologies.

Shailesh Kumar, National Defence
New Delhi, 08 January 2018

With the support of academia particularly IITs and industry, Indian Army by now could have found solutions to some 45 problems. Army Chief expressed hope that with the newly created SIDM interface, soldiers on frontline will be empowered to fight with technology upgrades.


“We are here to support him whatever we can. We will provide him what he needs so that he is made comfortable and he is able to combat the adversary in the best possible manners and that he will win future wars for us”.

Chief of Army Staff, Gen Rawat, called upon the industry to support Indian Army’s modernization program and help Indian Army to avoid reaching a single vendor situation. He said, “every time we float an RFP, the initial responses are very positive but as we progresses gradually towards DPP, we find the responses start dwindling and finally we are left with single vendor situation”.

“And that is where problem arises in imbibing technology from the industry. I think we need more support and participation within the industry can decide who all can participate and what kind of equipment based on the kind of technologies that you have, based on the fields that you are operating”, he added.

Indian Army’s Mechanized Forces are currently undergoing modernization; artillery is undergoing upgrades; infantry is looking for modern weapon systems; Air Defence capabilities are also being upgraded.

“We have huge requirement of upgrading our communication technologies, our intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance requirements need to be beefed up, our aviation industry is picking up, we need lot of support for Army Aviation. We need support for our engineering equipment”, he said while urging Indian industry to actively participate in the modernization program.

Army chief called for more participation from the academia. Indian Army has already embedded some of the military in the IITs particularly Mumbai and Gandhi Nagar, which has created technology and ADB cells.

“Our troops are carrying out their own innovations but these graduates from IITs have helped us in moving forward with these innovations”, Army chief said while clarifying that Indian Army is ready to imbibe niche technologies.

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