“How Can India Become A Superpower?” Mantra Revealed By DRDO Chief Dr. S. Christopher

National Defence Bureau,
New Delhi, 09 January 2018

DRDO Chief Dr. Christopher made a remarkable speech during ARTECH 2018 at Maneskshaw Centre here on 08 January. His speech very well explains as why India need to focus on developing it’s own niche technologies despite Make In India concept and how can these technologies be acquired. Following is the excerpt of his speech. Also Listen in his full speech in this video available at url: https://youtu.be/FU-LaxWC4YE

Dr. S. Christopher, DRDO Chief:

Our services are third in world scenario, not necessarily super power at this point of time. But it is not too far off. How do we make ourself the super power? Is it just a number of equipment or number of personnel; certainly it is going to have another element, called the “Technology”.  The niche technology which is going to take the superpower to the place where they are!

So if that is the case, how do we get those technologies? Is it going to be bought or acquired. We all think it is possible for us to buy particularly when we have urgent need and also the pressure from the sides. We would like to get into the mode of acquiring the superpower by getting the technology as fast as possible.

But is it going to happen?


What is in my opinion when we are almost in the third, obviously the one on the top may have some niche technology, which they would not like to give it to you even for money or for any other friendship.

The reason being they are where they are as a superpower only because of those knowledge or those technologies that they have. If that is the case if they are going to spare then where else to get.

Presume at lower level if somebody got in some area the niche technology that also can make you feel proud that you also had that unique technology.

Assuming that they have and they would like to spare it to you obviously not for free. It is going to be for economic reasons they will give.

But why only to us?

They would like to give to all the three or above or many and try to maximize in terms of funds. So there is going to be a limitation and you would like to reach to talk where there is nothing other than your own development can happen.

But if that is the case how do we achieve, how do we succeed?

Is it the user or DRDO type Government organization? Is it the user, academia or the industry?

In my opinion, its going to all together. In my opinion it is impossible to achieve niche technology without the support of each other.

And we must find the way to work together and thereby succeed together.

Sometime when our prime minister announced ‘Make In India’, many reporters came and asked me, “Is it a doomsday for DRDO? Because Make In India means many technologies will pour in from elsewhere and the manufacturer start manufacturing there by we may have time to close down the DRDO!”

I said, “it may not be a doomsday at all, probably it can be a boomsday”. The reason being the technology whichever the technology comes from elsewhere is going to bring in good amount of manufacturing capabilities. Today, if you take the airborne industry, even the airborne nut and bolts are easily available.

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