India Is In Advance Stage of Mastering Electro Magnetic Rail Gun (EMRG) Technology: DRDO Scientist

Shailesh Kumar, National Defence
Chennai, 14 April 2018

A top scientist from India’s leading Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO) for the first time officially confirmed that the armament cluster under his command is in the final stage of mastering the crucial Electro Magnetic Rail Gun (EMRGG) Technology.

rail gun mounted by china on its Yuting I-class amphibious ship Haiyangshan
Rail gun mounted by china on its Yuting I-class amphibious ship Haiyangshan

India’s northern neighbour and a competitor, China recently had released picture of a rail gun mounted on one of it’s warship. Now India is on the verge of having developed this  crucial technology.

Distinguished Scientist and Director General of  Armament & Combat Engineering (ACE), Pravin Kumar Mehta in an interview to the editor of National Defence, Shailesh Kumar, said, “What we are trying to do is to master this technology  and trying to make it so compact that it is possible to make a system out of it”.

Pravin Kumar Mehta confirmed that the technology is in advance stage of maturing. DRDO Armament cluster had fired some projectiles and the outcome was very encouraging, he added. “We could achieve a speed of more than two kilometer per second with hundred gram projectile and we are trying to increase the projectile weight”. However, the lead scientist made it clear that the project is in Science and Technology mode.

“Once we master this technology, we would make products based on this technology’. He expressed his optimism on realization of this product in very near future. “The progress in this particular is at par with any other nation and we are not far behind”, Pravin Kumar Mehta clarified.

Rail Gun file picture Released by US Navy (For representation only)
Rail Gun experiment file picture Released by US Navy (For representation only)

If DRDO fructify this technology, then Indian armed forces especially Indian Navy will have unconventional brute force to neutralise enemy missiles from a very long distance. To simplify, EMRG is an electro magnetic power to provide a very high kinetic energy to a projectile instead of utilizing a propellant.

Pravin Kumar Mehta is the main force behind the success of indigenously developed Advanced Towed Artillery Gun (ATAGS). He roped in Tata Strategic Engineering Division (TATA SED) and Bharat Forge as major partners in the development of the 155mm 52 calibre gun, which has created a world record for firing at target over 48 kms.  Both models of the gun are under user trial in Pokhran and at high altitude and performing well. Pravin Mehta expects the artillery gun should be inducted soon in Indian Army.

A vocal supporter of indigenisation and self reliance in defence research and product through private sector participation, Pravin Kumar Mehta disclosed that India is in advance stage of producing Fin Stabilized Armour Piercing Discarding Sabot (FSAPDS) ammunition indigenously soon and there are prospects of this ammunition finding a place in India’s export list.

“Once that happen, we should be able to move from the net importer to either  reducing our imports or eventually try to become exporter also” “In times to come, DRDO wll generate more and more technologies and would generate more industry partners who would make products out of it, they would be making it available to our armed forces and once make available to armed forces, we are once  we have complete indigenisation in this area, I am quiet sure that this will give giood strength to India”, said Pravin Kumar Mehta.

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