MiG 27 Upgrade Fighter Plane Crashes Into Residential Building

NationalDefence Bureau
New Delhi, 13 June 2016
A MiG 27 Upgrade single seater plane crashed this morning in a residential society in Jodhpur. While, pilot could manage to ejected safely at the last minute, the plane fallen on a house resulting into damage to house and a car. But miraculously no one was hurt.   
According to Indian Air Force sources, just before the crash, Pilot had reported technical snag in the fighter plane and had asked for the priority landing. But before it could even hit the airfield, it crashed 5 km from the airbase. “It seems to be an engine failure”, added the source. Indian Air Force has constituted a Court of Inquiry (COI) into the incident.
MiG-27 is a single seater aeroplane.  The last crash involving MiG 27 was in January 2015. The investigations in February 2010  Siliguri crash confirmed problem with R 29 engine of the combat fighter. IAF currently has around 150 MiG 27 in its inventory. 

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