The Real Reason Why Pakistan Artillery Fire Incidents Come Down At LOC

National Defence Bureau,
New Delhi, 02 March 2017
Everyone was surprised as how artillery fire incidents from across the LOC have come down in last few months. A top source in the Ministry of Defence has told National Defence that Indian Army has effectively destroyed many Pakistan Army posts minutes after Pakistan Army resorted to artillery fire on Indian Posts. DRDO developed Swati Weapon Locating Radar came handy for Indian Army to locate precisely the point from where the fire originated across LOC (Line of Control). DRDO today officially handed over the Swati Weapon Locating Radar to Indian Army. 
“Swati Gun Locating Radar was deployed at LOC and it was found to very effective”, a top Indian Army officer told NationalDefence when asked about the total number of Pakistani posts destroyed on the specific inputs by Swati Weapon Locating Radar. However, official sources refused to share the total numbers of Pak Army posts neutralised using Swati Weapon Locating Radar. But we are given to understand that the number is good enough to make Pakistan Army stop resorting to artillery fire. “Snipers and small arms fire does not affect civilians much. But with the use of Swati Radar, Pak artillery fire incidents have come down significantly”, said the source.

Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar graced the occasion when DRDO handed over the weapons to India Army. On the sideline of the ceremony when he was asked about the Swati Radar, Parrikar said Ï can not tell you where it was deployed. But I can tell you that within minutes it detects the source of artillery fire and using Fire Control System you can destroy the area where from the fire originates”. Swati Weapon Locating Radar system is so effective that it does not give enough time for the enemy to move much enough from the location it fires from.

The Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) led by Raksha Mantri Manohar Parrikar sometime back had cleared the acquisition of 30 weapon locating radars – Swati – from Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL) at a total cost of Rs 1,605 crores ($256 million). These radars are to be used by the artillery wing of the Indian army.

Swati radar, develoed by the LRDE lab of DRDO, uses electronically scanned C-Band pulse doppler radar. The radar automatically locates hostile artillery, mortars and rocket launchers and tracks friendly fire to locate the impact point of friendly artillery fire to issue necessary corrections. Swati Radar is currently a passive array RADAR. Defence Minister Parrikar has asked DRDO to make it active array while he was addressing the gathering. Watch DRDO Weapon Handing Over Ceremony to India Army at Video URL:

The range for the radar while tracking gun shells is more than 20 kms and for rockets, about 30 kms. The Radar has precision accuracy of 37 meters perimeter, informed Gampala Viswam, LRDE Scientist G involved in the development of the radar. He explains how the weapon destroys the enemy posts. Watch video of Scientist Viswam from LRDE explaining Swati Weapon Locating Radar at video url:

Speaking During the ceremony of DRDO weapon handing to Indian Army, CoAS General Bipin Rawat expressed his concerns of the use of NBC weapons by rogue elements and thanked DRDO for giving Indian Army its developed medicine for protection against NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) threat.   Watch Indian Army Chief speak at video url:

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