Feature: Para Commando Major Anurag Naurial and Uma Naurial’s Immortal love story

National Defence Bureau,
New Delhi, 25 February 2018
Major Anurag Naurial was commissioned into 10 Para Commando in December 1973. He Joined back his permanent unit 4/1 GR in 1989. He was part of India’s Peace keeping mission in Sri Lanka and was injured in IPKF operation in Sri Lanka in 1989. He was Deployed as Brigade Major in 48 Infantry Regiment when he martyred on 23 October 1990. In the operation major Anurag Naurial killed one terrorist. But, While saving his JCO came under terrorist’s burst fire. He faced bullets on his chest. He became successful in saving the life of his JCO. But he succumbed to his injuries same day. Maj Naurial was awarded Kirti Chakra (Posthumously) on 26 January 1991. Major Anurag Naurial was married to Uma Naurial hailing from the same Garhwali community. Both knew each other before marriage and fell in love. Multi linguist and talented Major Naurial was against any dowry and had arranged marriage with the consent of both families despite being in love and took only Rs 1.25 as Shagun. While leaving for home for his duty, he would always tell his wife “ इंशा अल्लाह जिंदा रहे तो फिर मिलेगें…. But day he did not return… only his body returned wrapped in tricolor. He was survived by an eight year old daughter and six year old son. How did they live? Watch this immortal love story of Para commando Major Anurag Naurial and Uma Naurial after 27 years of departure. Do Like and share the story. Jaihind!

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