Indian Navy Continues HADR Flood Relief Operation In Sri Lanka

National Defence Bureau,
New Delhi, 30 May 2017
INS Kirch & INS Jalashwa from Eastern Command and INS Shardul from Southern Command were diverted/ despatched on 27/ 28 May respectively from sea/ Vizag/ Kochi.
INS Kirch had reached Colombo at 0700h on 27 May and left on arrival of INS Shardul at 1100h on 28 May. INS Jalashwa is presently outside Colombo harbour and shall enter as and when INS Shardul pulls out of harbour this evening.
Some facts regarding HADR SriLanka relief effort by Indian Navy as of 1600h today:-
(I) 09 Gemini boats with 09 OBMs (outboard motors)
(ii) 28 Divers incl one officer
(iii) 7 Doctors + 16 medical assistants with adequate medical stores and medicines
(iv) 1300 water purification kits
(v) 3000 water bottles
(vi) Ships have a capacity to provide 3000- 5000 fresh water pouches 200 ml each
(vii) Ships are carrying two Chetak and one UH3H helicopters to be pressed into service on as required basis

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