Afghan NSA Hanif: “Pakistan Has Fallen Victim of Terrorism As Well But We Disagree”

NationalDefence Bureau,
New Delhi, 06 March 2017
Afghanistan’s National Security Adviser (NSA) Mohammad Hanif Atmar says “that despite international investment in counter terrorism, terrorism is growing in its capabilities and it’s presence in Afghanistan and Pakistan region”.  Hanif Atmar, speaking at IDSA in New Delhi during 19th Asian Security Conference 2017 said that, “because they have sanctuaries, financing, recruitment, training and equipment facilities. In Afghanistan we estimate their number between 40- 45, 000  terrorist soldiers that have been deployed there. One fourth of them are foreigners. That makes extremely difficult for us to decide who to make peace with and who to fight”.
“We have to  think of different strategy together with you because these foreigner are coming not from the countries in the region but from rest of the world”.
“There has been a displacement effect. The operation by Pakistani Army called Zarb- e- azb and the pressure on ISIL, Daes, al Qaeda elsewhere in the middle east have had  displacement effect. That’s why you have high concentration of terrorists in Afghanistan”.
“28 out of 98 US designated terrorist Organisations are operating in Afghanistan. Not all with Afghanistan objective alone. They have goals beyond Afghanistan. Why Afghanistan is important for them. Its because that is the place they see as a breeding ground or century where they launched 9/11 attack and that is the place where they would like to do the same thing again. For that the reason you have the highest concentration of the world’s most lethal terrorists organisation. What enables them to be there. It’s proven century them”.
“It is the symbiotic relations they have with state and non state actors. This critical support and enabling infrastructure, that they enjoy”.
“Success in Afghanistan against terrorism is vitally important for the security of our region and for global community. Unfortunately the reverse is also true. Failure in Afghanistan is failure in the region and global community in their efforts to secure their nation”.
“We as a region has common enemy now but unfortunately we do not have a common strategy to defeat”.
“Terrorism is morphing and adapting to pursue it’s goals beyond Afghanistan. Since 9/11 they have established a distinctive ecology, system and industry. We no longer taking about lone wolf”.

Afghanistan NSA Mohammad Hanif Atmar said, “Afghan Taliban and Haqqanis, wherever they have sanctuaries, they are going to provide sanctuaries to another 20 terrorist organisations. That will pose threat even to the same nation, we are talking to (read Pakistan).

Pakistan gave us list of 76 terrorist in our ungoverned areas and we gave of 86 people terrorists and 32 training centres of the terrorist list to Pakistan. We said look friend we have only one way to go forward. You need to act on our list and we act on your list and we need to have  a third party to verify. I really hope that all of us are ready to have third party verification in our efforts against terrorism.
We do not expect any troops contribution from our regional partners of this world. With India its different, we have asked them for support in many ways but when it comes for larger region, we are not asking for.

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