October 26, 2021

First Ever Flight of Helicopter “Ingenuity” on Mars— Meet The Indian Team

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mars helicopter ingenuity

Mars helicopter ingenuity first flight- meet indian team working on ingenuity

It is just a 10 feet flight by a feeble looking drone but Nasa’s ingenuity has taken a giant leap in solar aviation as Nasa’s team dare mighty things. It was “Say Cheese” moment when Nasa’s rover perseverance took selfie with humanity’s first mars helicopter. In elation, Project Manager at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Miami Aung, tore away the papers in her hand. The paper was the contingency speech which she wrote in case the mission develops some snag or mission fails but NASA is never afraid of failures. They dare mighty things. After successful Ingenuity flight, NASA is determined to go ahead with next scientific experiment of converting martian carbon dioxide into oxygen and that will pave way to future mars astronauts. Chief Engineer of Mars Ingenuity Helicopter is Indian Origin IIT Madras alumnus Bob Balaram. Watch full Mars Helicopter Ingenuity video. Click here!

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