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Indian Navy Seamlessly Operates Twin Aircraft Carriers With 35 Aircraft In Arabian Sea

Shailesh Kumar, National Defence New Delhi, 10 June 2023 If one is to see India’s hard power perhaps, today is the day when Indian Navy showcased its formidable maritime capabilities with a spectacular display of multi-aircraft carrier operations and the coordinated deployment of more than 35 aircraft in the Arabian Sea. Watch these visuals with […]

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MH-60 Romeo Helicopter

MH-60 Romeo Multi-Role Helicopters’ First Batch Delivery To Start In Mid 2021, Confirms Lockheed Martin

Shailesh Kumar, National Defence New Delhi, 28 March 2021 Indo- Pacific is turning into hotspot maritime domain for Indian Navy to carry out swift, precise and lethal operations. Upcoming MH-60 Romeo helicopters would be a force multiplier that can neutralise any Chinese attempts to vitiate the peaceful security atmosphere in Indo- Pacific particularly Indian Ocean. […]

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