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China Releases Amphibious Landing Drill Video Simulating Taiwan Invasion

In a counter to US, Japan, Australia and French collective military exercise code named Jeanne D’Arc, China has released a video of it’s own naval exercise showing marines in island landing drills “targeting Taiwan”. The military drills appeared to simulate a Chinese invasion of Taiwan, prompting increased concern among Taiwanese officials and its allies including […]

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Joint Statement of US Secretary of Defense Llyod J Austin and Raksha Mantri Rajnath Singh at Vigyan Bhawan in Delhi
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US Secretary of Defense Lloyd J Austin & RM Rajnath Singh Joint Statement | Indo- Pacific | Quad

Shailesh Kumar, National Defence New Delhi, 20 March 2021 Here is the joint statement by visiting US Secretary of Defense (Corresponding to the Defence Minister of India), Lloyd J Austin and his Indian counterpart Raksha Mantri (Defence Minister) Rajnath Singh at Vigyan Bhawan in New Delhi (20 March 2021). Secretary Austin is the first African- […]

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