Hours within the announcement of Baloch Unity Conference in Geneva by BRP leader, Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti, a rift has come to the surface. Prominent Baloch leaders have brushed aside the conference terming it nothing but a family meeting.

National Defence Bureau,
New Delhi, 12 November 2017

Dr Wahid Baloch, founder and President of Balochistan National Congress (BNC) has raised serious reservations about the Unity Conference. “Those he has invited are his close relatives and cousins. Seems like it is family meeting; and none of the stakeholders and other Baloch political activists have been invited to participate”, said Dr. Wahid Baloch in a telephonic interview in USA with National Defence.

Earlier, Baloch nationalist leader and chief of the pro-independence party, Baloch Republican Party (BRP), Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti said in a statement that a meeting of all Baloch political leaders including Mir Javed Mengal,  Nawab Mehran Marri, Nawabzada Hyrbyair Marri, Sardar Bakhtiyar Khan Domki and Waja Hammal Haider is due in near future.

A satirical picture gone viral in social media against Unity Conference called by BRP leader Brahumdagh Bugti in Geneva

“If they are seriously sincere with Baloch Unity, they should have called a general conference on Balochistan to gather suggestions from all Baloch activists and stakeholders and acting on suggestions, they should had come up with a new political platform in democratic way with its name, constitution and office bearer and leadership elected democratically through the ballot”, said Dr Baloch.

Another satirical picture going viral in social media in response to Brahumdagh Bugti's Unity Conference call
Another satirical picture going viral in social media in response to Brahumdagh Bugti’s Unity Conference call

“This should have been followed by it’s chapters been announced and each chapter’s election should been held in that conference and tasks been assigned to each chapter according chapter’s strategic location and importance”, he added.

Nawab Brahmdagh Bugti earlier reportedly claimed, “the meeting of Baloch leaders is aimed at promoting unity and cooperation for the noble and only cause of an independent Balochistan”.

Another satirical social media picture gone viral against the Unity Conference in Geneva called by BRP Leader Bruhmdagh Bugti

However, Sardars are 0.5%  of Baloch population having 5 groups . 99.5% common Baloch have only one party. “It is your (common Baloch) fault for popping up such semi literates as your leaders. 0.5% ruled you for 70 years, gave nothing to you”, claimed Dr. Wahid Baloch.

There is growing demand to extend the Baloch leadership beyond Bugti Family.

“This will help and keep everyone on board and the movement would move forward. But seems these Nawabs and Sardars want to be in control and will use this ‘family unity’ call to fool India and the world community to cash on it in the name of Balochistan liberation movement. But that is not acceptable to Baloch people nor it will produce any results”, Dr. Wahid Baloch said.

It is not just Dr. Wahid Baloch, who has reservation against Brahumdagh Bugti Unity Conference call, but a series of satire pictures have gone viral on social media.

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