While F-22 Raptor and F-35 are stealthy fifth generation fighters, US has unveiled NGAD, its next 6th Gen fighter aircraft. Japan’s sixth-generation fighter concept aircraft is nicknamed “Future Warrior” and Russia’s “Shadow Killer”. The UK’s sixth-generation fighter plan is the FCAS “Future Combat Air System”, which is planned to replace the current “Typhoon” fighters starting in the 2040s. Germany is also developing the “Future Combat Air System” for its sixth-generation fighter aircraft. China has long developing 6th generation stealthy fighter. India working tirelessly to roll out fifth generation AMCA in next 3- 4 years. How India is preparing to fight its adversaries with 6th generation jets? While 6th generation coming up shortly! 7th generation fighter aircraft are a reality now? But what features will define the 6th and 7th generation jets? 

How do we identify a fighter jet by generation? Well, the first generation fighter jet had jet propulsion. Second Generation evolved to have swept wings, range-finding radar, and infrared-guided missiles. The third generation were identified having supersonic flight, pulse radar, and BVR missiles that can engage opponents from beyond visual range.

The fourth generation were characterised having high levels of agility, some degree of sensor fusion, pulse-doppler radar, reduced radar signature, fly-by-wire, look down/shoot down missiles, and so on. Fourth generation jets had sub-generations that include four, four plus, and even four plus plus; while some of the most advanced fourth-generation aircraft even include some 5th-generation capabilities.

So what is the fifth generation aircraft like F-22 Raptor, F-35 and India’s indigenous upcoming AMCA. Well the 5th generation aircraft is best defined as one that features stealth, low-probability-of-intercept radar, agile airframes with super cruise performance, advanced avionics, and highly integrated computer systems capable of networking with other elements within the battlespace for situation awareness and have C3 the command, control, and communications capabilities. To overwhelm any one a fifth gen fighter stealth aircraft like F-35 is no less than a flying computer that is embedded with seven million lines of code in the aircraft and a another seven million lines of code in the supporting ground systems.

So are there 6th generation aircraft coming up? What features would they have? Well in this short video, I am going to tell you about not only the 6th generation fighter jet but also about the 7th generation hypersonic fighter jet that will change the dynamics of any war beyond any limit.


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