Undefeated in aerial combats, F-15 Eagle served US air force since 1972. After nearly 5 decades, Pentagon is all set to buy 144 of Boeing’s new upgraded fourth-gen plus F-15EX fighters renamed as Eagle-II. The new purchase of first batch of 8 Eagle-II fighter jets will cost the US government $1.1 billion. Many of you may be wondering why would US airforce want an upgraded version of an older fighter instead of more modern, stealth fighters like the F-35. The older version F-15A Eagle during cold war in 1985 shot down a satellite in space. Now US airforce eventually will replace the aging F-15C/D with latest F-15 EX Eagle-II, and those C and D version aircraft will be decommissioned. #F15EX, #USAirForce, #EagleII, #Boeing


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