Delhi police received a phone call on the evening of 26th December claiming there was a blast near the Israel Embassy. A team of the Delhi Police rushed to the spot but left after they searched the perimeter and found nothing suspicious. At an empty plot of land just a few metres away from the embassy, the police have found a letter addressed to the Israeli Ambassador. Diplomats and embassy staff is reported safe.


Report: Shailesh Kumar, National Defence

New Delhi, 26 December 2023

National Defence approached Israel embassy for reaction. Israel Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission Ohad Nakash Kaynar issued a press statement that reads, “This evening several minutes after 5, an explosion occurred in close proximity of the Embassy. All our diplomats and workers are safe. Our security teams are working in full cooperation with local Delhi security and they will investigate the matter further. 

Explosion near Israel embassy is taken seriously due to ongoing Israel Hamas war. United States of America has alleged that Iran backed Houtis are suspected to have carried out multiple drone attacks on commercial ships in Red Sea. Recently two vessels one Indian flagged and another Indian owned MV Chem Pluto and MV Saibaba were attacked in arabian sea in Indian ocean. Indian navy is still investigating the case and deployed its warships to deter such attacks.

Today, at Naval Dockyard in Mumbai during the commissioning ceremony Defence Minister Rajnath Singh in a strong worded message vowed to punish the purpertrators of the drone attacks and expressed commitment for safe and secure passage for commercial ships in Indian Ocean as India being the net security provider.

The explosion near embassay does raise alarm bells as terror investigating agency NIA is still investigating 2021 Israel embassy blast that occurred on 29th January when beating retreat was in progress. NIA has even released a CCTV footage of two suspects. What you say about the blast near Israel embassy today, do write your feedback in the comment box.

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