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ASEAN and the Indo-Pacific –Discourse About Centrality

The organization (ASEAN), which celebrated its fifty years of existence in 2017, is now facing the major debate about its relevance with the onslaught of the new narrative which is emerging in the form of Indo-pacific. Pankaj Jha In August 2018 Association of Southeast Asian Nations(ASEAN) foreign ministers discussed ways to provide an institutional policy position with regard to ‘Indo-Pacific’.... Read More
nirmala sitharaman says India is no longer limited to Indian ocean but Indian maritime interest extended to indo pacific Breaking News China defence ministry Geopolitics Indian Navy 

Niramala Sitharaman: No One Has Right To Change Global Maritime Commons Unilaterally or Arbiterarily

Shailesh Kumar, National Defence, New Delhi, 27 February 2018 Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman without naming the China, made it clear that freedom of navigation and global maritimes commons are unchallenged and no country or group of countries can unilaterally or arbiterally change this global order. “I am quite sure all of us are seized of this unilaterally acceptable point and... Read More
Japan Ready to Play Prominent Role in Indo-Pacific, Says Japanese Ambassador to India Breaking News defence ministry Geopolitics Indian Air Force Indian Army Indian Navy world news 

Japan Ready to Play Prominent Role in Indo-Pacific: Kenji Hiramatsu

National Defence Bureau, New Delhi, 08 December 2017 Elaborating upon Japan’s role in the shifting geopolitics in Asia, the Japanese Ambassador to India, Kenji Hiramatsu today said that his country’s ‘Free and Open Indo-Pacific Strategy’ is a statement of Japan’s aim of improving the inter-regional and intra-regional connectivity and promoting fundamental values like freedom, openness and Rule of Law in... Read More
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