Biden Administrations decision to deploy F-35C joint strike fighter aboard its nuclear powered Nimitz class aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson on first ever deployment in western pacific sooner this year could prove to be a strategic game changer for Chinese PLA unleashing it’s aggression day in and day out in South China Sea particularly in Taiwan Strait and amid stand off at India’s Line of Actual Control. At the same time UK’s awe inspiring carrier strike group HMS Queen Elizabeth would be sailing in Indo-Pacific. While it is first overseas deployment of HMS Queen Elizabeth, it will the first time in more than two decades a new carrier strike fighter the robust, stealthy F-35C has gone to sea. China has no counter to F-35C. People’s Liberation Army Navy will stifle for oxygen in sea when they would see CMV-22 Osprey on board USS Carl Vinson as China’s counter Naval Chengdu J-31 and AVIC VSTOL Blue Whale nowhere seen nearing development leave aside deployment. Before you watch further Chinese gasping for air in South China Sea seeing India’s Quad grow to Choke Chinese…

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