China’s second aircraft carrier Shandong is ready for high seas deployment. Shandong has already conducted 9 sea trials in Bohai way and South China Sea close to it’s home base. But now Shandong, completely designed and developed in China, will move to high seas for military exercise before it achieves its Initial Operational Clearance or IOC. With this China will become second country after India in the region to operate two aircraft carriers. Equipped with 12000 systems on board, Would Shandong having J-15 fighter jets deployed on its deck also change the security equations in Indo- Pacific. Will it sail to Indian Ocean or would move to Western Pacific? I will answer that question in this video besides I will show you the latest visuals of Shandon aircraft carrier, its key features, development stages, its helicopter fleet and fighter aircraft J-15 and in the last but not the least I will discuss strategic significance of its deployment.


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