It is not BJP that lost Karnataka election on Saturday the 13th May. It is Mr Narendra Damodar Das Modi that has lost the election. It is Modi that has lost the battle of Karnataka state. Karnataka elections by all counts was considered a bench mark indicator for outcome in upcoming 2024 General elections. So going by that traction… indication is Modi would loose the 2024 war? BJP fought Karnataka elections with brand Modi face. People rejected this. Lure of freebies, new class of beneficiaries, communalizing the elections, use of money and muscle power… nothing worked. Even polarizing elections using religious card in the name of Bajrang Bali did not help Rambhakt BJP. So what would make Mr Modi to loose the greater war in 2024.

First of all people feel frustrated, feel threatened, feel cheated with Modi Government. Nine years have passed, people feel BJP yet not delivered on its promises; rather election swing master Modi and other BJP leaders spin off diversionary tactics to gather votes e.g. playing emotional cards, using communal divide tactics.

A party which came to power on the issue of corruption, crony capitalism and china grabbing land inch by inch- failed its voters and Indian citizens. Its own Party cadre in Karnataka committed suicide alleging corruption; Rahul Gandhi’s Ye Rishta kya kahlata hai exposed Modi and his Government and adoption of distinctive and dual national security policy vis-à-vis Pakistan and China and largely compromising and lingering Chinese transgression issue made people unhappy with a party that says Nation First.

People clearly saw vindictive policies of Mr Modi how Rahul Gandhi was disqualified from Parliament when he raked up Adani issue. People also saw how Modi Government used, misused and abused agencies like CBI, ED to silence its opponents. People appreciated innocence, hardwork, love and affection of Rahul Gandhi when he walked through on streets during Bharat Jodo Yatra. People see a distinction when BJP leaders are always seen giving interviews in aircraft.

People of Bharat, a land of farmers, saw how farmers were treated and how they died protesting and Government did not care for their genuine demands on a bill that was meant to favour those crony capitalists against which BJP raked up in election.

People saw speaking your own Governor Satyapal Malik and party man Satyapal Malik exposing your follies in Pulwama attack. People felt your silence on the accusation of women wrestlers whom you said she is from my family.

People of this country saw how certain bills were brought to divide the communities against which protests happened and people arrested and died in so called riots.

Politics of hate and communal divide and narrative run by Government funded channels, social media of BJP, Government its agencies are well understood by common man.

Creating a new class of beneficiaries’ by addicting them with freebies did not help. People want employment and work not the alms or discounts. Young Indians loosing their vigour and energy in the hope that they will find employment. Start- ups continuing struggle to survive for years and only few start up became Unicorn while majority of them would not get any kind of support.

People see that how mere assembling and Indian branding is termed as manufacturing while trade with China continue to grow despite military stand off. People see clearly how history in text book is changed and science chapters are deleted. 

People realize that under your regime law is different for different sets of people. They feel if something wrong is happening with someone today, tomorrow it can happen with them. So people are gaining some consciousness but conscience may take up some time to take the space in the minds of voters.

Mr. Modi still has some time to rethink his policies and strategies to fight general election 2024. He must realise that by merely changing the name of policies, places would not change the facts. Development was a natural step up process created in last 70 years and it is just that Mr Modi foot stepped the ladder as people of this country innocently believed him. He should actually be grateful for the previous Government and leaders that bring India to this stage. People of this country feel that you did not deliver on your promises and they look hollow promises now.

Abusing a family which sacrificed many lives for the nation and sloganeering Congress Mukt Bharat made BJP loose its only bastion in the South. Literally abusing son of a martyr exposes your feelings for rest of the martyrs while pariwarwad is flourishing in your own party.

Telangana, MP, Chhatisgarh, Rajasthan will give BJP an opportunities to genuinely work for the country and its people and strive hard to deliver on promises. People loved a chaiwala but that narrative may not work now as Mr Modi has been Prime Minister for nine long years. The country is very big with many deserving opposition leaders and new crop of leaders, who are desperate to serve our motherland.

The analysis could be exhaustive but friends I value your time. Lets make India a great vibrant democracy by becoming conscious citizens. Thanks for watching National Defence. Jaihind. Vandematram.


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